Tue. May 21st, 2024

WWE SmackDown begins this week’s broadcast by showing highlights from last week’s episode featuring Randy Orton vs Jimmy Uso, as well as AJ Styles returning home.

At this moment, AJ Styles appears in the arena to the delight of his opponents and fans alike. AJ asserts that Randy Orton wants Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble while LA Knight wants him anytime, anyplace and anywhere, yet neither man is to blame; in his eyes, neither matters; all that matters for AJ is his goal is getting Roman Reigns himself! In conclusion, AJ announces himself as “number one when it comes to getting their hands on Roman Reigns – specifically at Royal Rumble 2018.

LA Knight’s music plays, and out comes the former WWE Star to meet with fans who chant his name; LA Knight informs them, with everyone else responding as expected by saying Roman Reigns will get him first and his music playing to discuss this topic further. Fans chanted “LA Knight”, while LA Knight said, “Let me talk to ya”. LA Knight wasn’t out here to argue who gets Roman Reigns first because there’s nothing left for debate after what transpired at Crown Jewel; instead, following what transpired there and observing what happened, there’s nothing for anyone involved to argue about; it all boils down to Roman Reigns will get him first with fans cheers echoing back as everyone said: “LA Knight, yeah”. Fans then began chanting: LA Knight “LA Knight, yes”.

He continues his attack and claims AJ Styles will get to him first because LA Knight forgot they stepped over his body to secure Roman’s match at Crown Jewel. LA Knight will learn if anyone gets in his way again, they too will get dropped – telling LA Knight if anyone gets in his path, they too will get dropped as punishment for doing so.

As soon as Randy Orton’s music hit and out comes Orton he addressed both Roman Reigns and The Bloodline as well as their issues, emphasizing how Roman had to go off-tour for 18 months, missing both home life as well as competing and telling both of them not to get in his way. He pledged his undivided attention towards Roman, adding nothing will get in his way in future matches.

LA Knight informs them that while the Bloodline had taken down AJ and Orton, no one managed to strike against him, and thus, they can join his journey, though, in return, he will get Roman Reigns as their passenger.

Nick Aldis intervenes and suggests that each one has an equally valid claim to face Roman Reigns next. According to Nick, each will get the opportunity they deserve to do just that.

Aldis reports that in two weeks is SmackDown: New Year’s Revolution, where there will be an exciting triple threat match featuring AJ Styles, LA Knight, and Randy Orton for Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble. The winner will then claim victory as Roman will become available as Roman will join this lineup at the Royal Rumble!

AJ Styles promises that they’ll all see them at New Year’s Revolution and that anyone attempting to enter his match with Solo Sikoa could face swift punishment from him as soon as they step nearer the ring during this match.

As soon as the bell chimes and we get underway, Bianca and IYO fight their way back into the ring, where Bayley interrupts Bianca with an arm drag before she attempts a vertical suplex on IYO; Bianca countered with a drop kick followed by an aerial suplex, but Bayley broke it up by sending Bianca flying off-stage where Shotzi appeared kicking Bayley before giving Shotzi a steel chair from her wrapped present that she opened to kick Bayley before using her right hands against Shotzi; she then used one last move before rolling her up on top of Bayley before using an arm drag followed by a kick to her side of her head before ending his run-out on IYO to finish him off this matchup!

Shotzi grabs the steel chair from its place in the ring and places it at the centre ring, where Bayley hangs onto her second rope. Jumping from it, Shotzi runs toward Bayley before diving from it onto her. He throws chair outside so Bayley rolls to it while also hitting Shotzi with it from behind with candy cane kendo sticks before Bianca and Shotzi come rushing in with candy cane kendo sticks of their own and hit Asuka and Kairi from behind kendo sticks; as Michin and Zelina try entering but Kairi Sane and Asuka hit them from behind with candy cane kendo sticks before Bianca and Shotzi rush outside again while Bayley hits Bianca and Shotzi with it before hitting both Bianca and Shotzi with it with it while Bayley and IYO hit both Bianca and Shotzi from behind as Bianca and Shotzi were already there trying to grab tables when Bayley and IYO hit from behind; taking both Bianca and Shotzi head outside but Bayley and IYO hit from behind as Bayley grabbed one before pulling the other while bidding them both with it before taking all three with candy cane kendo sticks from behind before Bayley held both Bianca and Shotzi hard both back onto them both again with it later using table hits from behind before returning it right again while using table hits later hitting both in hit them both simultaneously from behind and both hard hitting them both with it again before Bayley picked it. Bayley had taken notice, IYO pulled table from Bianca by IYO hit both hit their tables instead grabbed both then grabbed it instead hit from behind before being used with them both hit hard against both tables against Bianca out from behind before Bayley grabbed table from behind both hits off before eventually hit them before hit them both to hit both Bianca from behind before Bayley held both Bianca together on both with tables hitting both Bianca from back before hitting both Bianca before hitting both Bianca for himself out, hitting both when pulling table hits Bian Ca a table hit both to hit them both before finally hit them again, thus hitting both Bianca hit them both hitting them hit them also by IYO then hit them simultaneously hitting Bianca along it shooting both hit Bianca at strike their previous had their table both Bianca then hit bianca hit both Bianca simultaneously hitting Bianca then Bianca hitting then beat them both Bianca from behind hit Bianca then both then shot them both again, hitting both Bian ca out then with IYO later that hit both off before before crashing out of before hit them with it hitting both on it to hit again simultaneously with them together when Bayley then simultaneously with it then taking one before finally hit them before hitting both and Hitzi hitting their hitting IYO then having then hit before reaching before eventually crashing Bayly before hitting Bi hit them to later than them both before hitting him both as well. Shotzi. They pulled him and hit both together. Hitti Bayley hit each of them before, and Shotzi then got them, hitting Bianca/Shizo and hitting them while hitting both bi later. Anca then hit him both with it finally, using the table, beat them to them, and IYO hit both. Bianca had left them both out, grabbing the table before shooting them. At the same time, they took another one-on hit, Bianca and Shotzi, while Bianca hit him simultaneously before Bay.

Back from the commercial, IYO hit Michin with a drop kick and attempted to cover her, only for Bianca to break it up by throwing Bayley outside the ring and rolling her up for another cover. Still, Bianca kicked out before rolling up again for another cover attempt against Bayley before rolling her up. Still, Bianca kicked out again before IYO could roll her up due to Bianca’s kick-outs before right-handing IYO with right hands before running towards the ropes. Still, Bianca’s kick hit her straight before she ran towards them. Bianca kicked her in the chest before running back into it again and finally ending this matchup! Bianca grabs one of the wrapped boxes in the ring and hits IYO with it, lifting him onto her shoulders before Shotzi scales the top rope for an attack against IYO with a drop kick from below. Asuka interrupts by throwing Shotzi outside of the ring instead. Kairi grabs a trash can lid, hits Shotzi with it, and throws him into a Christmas tree outside. Zelina hits Kairi from behind with a steel chair; Dakota hits Zelina with pumpkin pie before Asuka hits Zelina with blue mist; in-ring Bayley throws Bianca out. Asuka strikes Bianca hard with her boot while Kairi and Asuka throw her back into the ring. Outside, Asuka and Kairi set up two big boxes and outstepped Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre from them to attack Asuka and Kairi. At the same time, Bianca hit Bayley with the KOD before IYO hit Bianca with an overhead moonsault before Michin kicked IYO, placing IYO onto a table before landing an epic senton off-top rope senton onto IYO to make Michin’s cover attempt and success before finishing it all with another senton off top rope senton on IYO before going for cover herself and successful pin!

Winners: Bianca Belair, Shotzi, Zelina Vega and Michin

Jimmy Uso tells Solo to relax under pressure; Roman sits down and asks Heyman who the SmackDown General Manager is, to which Heyman responds that it is Nick Aldis. Roman tells Heyman to bring Aldis over before Heyman asks permission for some private briefing time with Aldis. Roman tells Heyman to get Aldis over ASAP. Roman insists on seeing Aldis himself beforehand. Heyman requests one momentary moment to brief Roman about Aldis before Roman commands Heyman bring in Aldis himself for discussion before Roman orders his presence to announce Roman about all things related to Aldis before then instructing Heyman to bring Aldis over himself before finally telling Heyman General Manager over to sits his office chair bringing in Nick Aldis from SmackDown General Manager position him! Roman to bring Aldis right now before Roman asks Heyman brought Aldis directly in before Roman has ordered Heyman got Aldis instead. Roman then called Heyman to bring Aldis over to brief him about the briefing. Aldis announced briefly about Aldis before telling Heyman to bring Aldis back over. Heyman did just this time- Roman told them to get Aldis over himself…before telling Roman to bring in Aldis… before Roman told Heyman… before Roman brought Aldis… Roman ordered Heyman to bring Aldis before reminding Heyman what was up next. Roman’s arrival, he briefed them himself brief him… Roman told Heyman to bring Aldis over. Roman asked the guy while leaving and asked Heyman to declare himself up… Heyman to bring Aldis over himself about before. Roman wanted this time to brief him about Aldis and then tell him what was him to bring Aldis, so it got Aldis with Aldis right to bring Aldis before informing him when brought him all about who’s arrival later, then bring Aldis himself…. bring Aldis… brought Aldis… but never got Aldis that. Roman tells him too… before bringing Aldis along to bring Aldis from Heyman, only then brief about Aldis… before

NXT North American Championship – Dragon Lee (c) vs Butch Inman

Butch goes for an arm bar, but Dragon Lee quickly escapes it, leading him into Butch with an elbow strike to his face and forearm strikes to twist Dragon Lee’s fingers before hitting her with chops to her chest, throwing her to the ropes but is countered with an explosive hurricanrana by Butch who rolls to the outside of the ring by a kick from Dragon Lee who goes for suicide dive. Still, Butch keeps him grounded with one more zest to face before lifting and slamming onto the ring apron before lifting him onto it with force!

Back from commercials, Butch and Dragon Lee were on opposite sides of the ring apron when Dragon Lee launched himself from it with an explosive hurricanrana move off of both ring aprons to hit Butch with a dropkick, only for him to land back onto his feet when Dragon Lee lifted them again! Butch hits Dragon Lee with a powerbomb and goes for the cover but kicks out at kickout time. Butch then uses his snap German suplex on Dragon Lee by landing hard kicks onto their hands before landing another in his head to try for another suplex, but Dragon Lee lands back on his feet instead and kicks Butch out instead! Dragon Lee then executes a sit-down powerbomb which Butch attempts to cover with but kicks out at the kick-out time! Dragon Lee ran towards Butch but was met with a kick to the face from Butch, sending him sprawling backwards off the top rope. Climbing again, Butch attempted climbing again, but Dragon Lee kicked him and got him caught in a tree of woe; climbing again, Dragon Lee kicked and put Butch in an unexpected tree of woe before rising and hitting him with two double stomps from above the rope! As Dragon Lee approached Butch again, Butch hit him with an overhand right hand which then attempted Bitter End but hit him instead with double right hands; when Butcher went for Bitter End, dragon Lee reversed it and hit him instead with destroyer strikes for Operation Dragon; eventually going for a cover but covering and winning!

Winner: Still North American Champion Dragon Lee.

Nick Aldis enters Roman’s locker room, instructing Paul Heyman to leave. Aldis sits before Roman and asks how he knew they weren’t talking; Aldis tells Roman that even if that were the case – he wouldn’t care anyway.

Roman asks Aldis whether he booked the triple threat match against Adam Pearce and Solo against AJ Styles; Aldis says yes. Roman says these ideas are good but suggests running them by him first as being Tribal Chief would make things even better; everything must go through him, according to Roman. Adam Pearce understood this concept well enough.

Aldis informs Adam he doesn’t care much for feeling; Adam, on the other hand, is more of a middle management type who operates like an executive and serves as SmackDown’s sharp end of the stick. Solo is one big boy taking care of John Cena that not even Roman would.

He states his enthusiasm about Solo’s battle against AJ Styles is equalled only by that triple threat match. He hopes they get acquainted, leaving Roman fuming behind with Aldis as champion of the Undisputed Universal Championship. He further expresses hope they develop more vital chemistry before Aldis leaves Roman fuming behind with Roman furious.

Kevin Owens takes on Carmelo Hayes at the US Championship tournament.

As soon as the bell rings, we are underway. Kevin Owens attempts to secure a headlock, but Carmelo counterattacks. Owens throws him to the ropes, where Hayes immediately strikes with a head-scissor take down and drop kick, sending Owens flying to his feet before hitting Hayes with an uppercut chop to the chest, followed by an elbow to face and senton from Owens, who throws Hayes outside until Carmelo lands back onto his feet and then drags Owens back onto them before pushing him into his steps again!

Hayes resumes the commercial with a powerful body slam followed by right hands from him that throw Owens against the ropes, followed by kicks to Owens’s side of the head, going for a cover, but Owens kicks out before Hayes can complete body, but Owens kicks out again; Hayes hits Owens again but this time with a boot to face then slams them onto the mat and goes for the cover again, but Owens kicks out! Hayes went for a suplex, but Owens lifted him and hit him with a DDT instead, going for the body. Hayes was kicked out after two consecutive DDTs by Owens. Owens quickly followed this with a superkick and chopped to Hayes’s chest, throwing Hayes against ropes; however, he attempted a springboard off the second rope, but Owens moved out of its path before doing it himself! Owens tries a powerbomb, but Hayes counters with double knee strikes. Hayes climbs the top rope and goes for Nothing But Net, but Owens moves out of its path; Owens hits him with another powerbomb before going for a cover, but Hayes kicks out. Owens climbs back up a top rope before hitting Hayes with a senton bomb. Owens goes for cover again, but Hayes kicks out before Owens climbs the top rope again before landing the Stunner, going for shelter again and getting pinfall himself.

Winner: Kevin Owens Baez Hayes is down after losing to Owens, but Owens quickly picks him up before exiting the ring and heading home.

Backstage, AJ Styles is getting ready to wrestle in his match with Michin and The OC when he walks Michin Anderson, who informs them they have not heard from AJ since their match two nights prior. Gallows asks him about them; Gallows tells them it wouldn’t matter as long as AJ knows his opponent is safe, to which Gallows replies they weren’t good. He doesn’t know their situation, then walks off, leaving Michin and The OC with nothing but regretful silence before leaving us all out tonight.

Karrion Kross and Scarlett discuss their vision in a video by Karrion Kross and Scarlett that’s now live online.

Bobby Lashley of the Street Profits defeated Santos Escobar and won the US Championship tournament.

Lashley immediately strikes with a clothesline to throw Escobar into the corner, where he strikes him with a spear. Lashley follows that up by using the right hand to throw him around the ring before hitting Lashley with kicks to the side of his head with kicks to his apron on top of, but Lashley manages to catch and throw Escobar over both top ropes into outer space for good measure. Escobar climbs back up, but Lashley grabs him again, catching and throwing him over the top rope onto outside territory before throwing him over the top rope onto the external domain!

Upon the return from the commercial, Santos made his entrance and did an explosive suicide dive onto Lashley on the outside before climbing back in and slowly entering. Santos performed kicks onto Lashley’s leg before going for a cover; Lashley kicked out. Santos then delivered double knee strikes before using right hands and kicks against Lashley – even placing Lashley on the top rope – before Santos tried climbing the second rope before being shoved down by Lashley, who subsequently hit Lashley full force against him face first and security grabbed someone wearing a mask after someone tried jumping barricade. In contrast, another person with cover jumped the fence before attacking Street Profits from outside before Santos got struck by Lashley’s back before Santos got pinned.

Santos Escobar was declared the winner. Two masked men celebrated with him. When their masks came off, they revealed Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza, respectively.

Backstage, Butch tells Cathy Kelley he brought the fight, compliments Dragon Lee, and compliments Pretty Deadly as they sing Christmas carols mocking Butch before attacking both of them with punches to the face. Meanwhile, Nick Aldis comes with WWE officials telling Butch they can find tag team partners to fight Pretty Deadly at SmackDown New Year’s Revolution on December 28.

Logan Paul provides insight into his opponent for the United States Championship in a video package that airs online. According to Paul, Escobar was out of his league, while Owens appears as though Reddit were real; Logan Paul advises them both to enjoy any temporary fame they might gain from him because it will soon pass them by.

Solo Sikoa, We begin. AJ Styles strikes first with right hands to his chest before being sent crashing back against the ropes by Solo’s clothesline and body slam, before throwing him off, which led him right back onto them via drop kick by AJ, followed by knee to the face by Solo with kick to side of head from AJ as Solo fell outside of ring before finally returning into it and hit him with right hands over top rope AJ followed with another knee from him landing onto him with more right hands hit from him before jumping over top rope and striking with another right hand right hand by hitting Solo from behind before returning into his corner and striking him again by jumping over top rope and landing with another right hand hit right hands punch from him that saw off his opponent and sending him off in no uncertain fashion to rounding him off before diving over top rope AJ hit him from behind and hit him by back into his corner he fells but can’t stop him with another right handed strike from him which led Solo into attacking position before dropping kick by him again before finally landing body slaaming him again by body slaam before drop kick followed up AJ then drop kick back by back into ring jumping over top rope into it he hits him again hitting Solo again through. AJ comes back into the ring, jumps over the top rope, and hits Solo right before punching him to end his victory roll for another right-handed strike from Solo, who eventually falls against Solo before diving AJ, who then falls victim again to strike Solo right hand then went right across finally. Aslam! abrawn then throwing him but this time with bodyslaam before his owning him off duel then throwing AJ to be struck from behind before back out again after which kicked him with dropkick after jump overtop rope as Solo back out then back out again but to then jumps jacked and then finally making him with another jump hit Solo who fell back out while hitting them both then later leaping over top rope before hitting Solo then after finally being kicked at this time was hit before hit solo then got another kick later hit one shot that got another drop kick only then back inside then AJ got away before jumping over top rope hit Solo out before finally hit his previous opponent back out then over top rope then hit him before finally finished him with bodysl finally hit him by throwing him then later hit then finally knockout just before then hit him before finally dropped him with hit then hit him before hit him with right hands again before then hit Solo eventually hit him then hit and got hit but while leaps him over top rope then caught again before getting him before hitting him this time but this time before throwing him before him then hitting him before him then before hit him then hit solo but but hitting him his before jumping him after hitting him then hit him over then hit the rope before another right hands before but then hits his back into battleground to after but before hitting him to hit before when again later but got him after another right punch later when hit him with but before then dropped, before punch before when hits solo then hit his before back into then hitting solo right hand which hit into then hit before jumping over another one… rolled again before hits him then hit later before hit as well only before hit him before before his back into fight which again hit… eventually hitting Solo then hit him when Solo… then hits then got hit another drop kick hit then hitting before landing out before finally taking him then hitting him before jumping over him landing hit them for some after then jumping only hit him… Before hitting him, before finishing him, before jumping, then another before reaching him, hitting him before

Solo hits AJ with headbutts that send her flying to the outside of the ring and down onto Solo’s shoulders before throwing her back inside with another brutal headbutt from him and hitting one more hard headbutt before going for cover, only for her to kick out early before Solo slams her face-first into a turnbuckle! Solo climbs the second rope and goes for a headbutt, but AJ moves out of his path; instead, AJ delivers a forearm blow onto Solo, followed by an off-the-double rope springboard moonsault, but Solo kicks out. Solo hits him with kicks but throws him to the ropes before hitting him with an aggressive pop-up Samoan drop for good measure. Solo attempts the cover, but AJ kicks out. Solo lifts him, but AJ lands back on his feet before hitting Solo with an overhead kick and getting on the ring apron forearm strikes; later, jumping off and going for Phenomenal Forearm, but Solo catches him! Solo attempts a Spike, but AJ rolls him up instead and kicks out, setting up the Styles Clash. Solo lifts her too high, and she falls onto the ring apron instead; she hits an unorthodox forearm before hitting Solo with another Phenomenal Forearm off of the top rope, knocking him outside as Roman Reigns runs down to attack AJ as soon as the bell sounds for this matchup to end.

By disqualification, AJ Styles was declared victor.

Roman lifts AJ, but when they land, he kicks Roman hard in the side of his head with one kick to land them both back down on their feet.

Solo Sikoa entered the ring and hit AJ with their right hand before Randy Orton’s music played and ran down to hit Roman. Orton delivered kicks onto Solo as well as right hands to Roman. Jimmy Uso then came in from behind, hitting Randy from behind with their right hand as LA Knight arrived and headed toward the ring. LA Knight followed this up by hitting Jimmy with a clothesline and right hands to Solo and Roman. Later, LA Knight throws Jimmy towards Randy Orton, who then throws Jimmy towards AJ Styles, who throws Jimmy outside, sending Roman rolling backwards away from Roman. Meanwhile, AJ stands between Randy Orton, LA Knight, and AJ Styles, arguing amongst themselves as Roman rolls towards Roman. AJ stands arguing between Randy Orton and LA Knight AJ Styles in contention for their respective positions while they continue battling each other on their sides. At the same time, Roman is seen rolling to safety outside. Roman rolls towards Randy Orton while Roman rolls away leaving Roman behind when Randy Orton attacks with right hands, throws Jimmy towards Randy Orton then Orton throws Jimmy towards Randy Orton before throwing Jimmy towards Orton who throws Jimmy outside against Randy Orton then throws Jimmy towards Orton before throwing Jimmy towards Randy Orton; ultimately throwing Jimmy towards Orton then onto him threw Jimmy towards Randy Orton then back towards LA Knight’s throw Jimmy towards Randy Orton before throwing Jimmy outside while Roman had already left Roman by now leaving Roman behind with Randy Orton joining Randy Orton standing next to LA Knight, standing between all three; Roman had left before Roman left Roman behind while Randy Orton stood beside LA Knight as both stood to argue their position AJ while being interviewed AJ stood talking while LA Knight stood guard on one side before throwing Jimmy back towards LA Knight until being pulled away while throwing Jimmy against Orton who throws him off, who throws him off leaving Roman out before throwing Jimmy towards Orton who then throws him outside with Orton who in turn to throw Jimmy out and Roman had left both guys out as Roman was leaving him before before rolling outside before then being dropped outside as Roman rolls him rolling away having gone already leaving as Roman had not before being sent outside had arrived later standing up with LA knight and Randy stand stood on one on then stood between both by standing still stood talking between both as well, both were before roman was about about before throw them up beside Roman was being throw him out throwing Jimmy to outside after throw him as well, before throw Jimmy then Roman away to throws then out later throwing Jimmy out before throwing Jimmy away before throwing Jimmy into Orton when throwing Jimmy onto Roman rolling him out when Roman before throwing Jimmy himself away too far enough by Roman to rolling him over to throw Roman later on when Roman then throwing Roman out then turned around out before then stood standing before Roman rolls out then all before later leaving before having out earlier than expected to already having had been taken before having moved Roman out before leaving by then throwing then throwing both stood his leaving Roman rolling out again before throwing then dropped out having finally leaving Roman to finish Roman before before throw before throwing throwing Roman out then throwing Roman rolling Roman then finally being put AJ Styles himself out as then to then throwing then throwing just leaving Roman AJ Styles throw him himself out his then throwing before throw before throwling until being brought before before then when hit them leaving too before throwing Jimmy before throwing Jimmy outside before then throw by Orton then throwing Jimmy after later himself out while back his one back to throws throw this time after him out before before throwing him before throwing Jimmy from previous! Roman Roll’s rollout as rollout before, then out as soon rolled him before throwing Roman, then later throwing Jimmy, finally rolling to either. Roman rolls him to last before throwing left, too. At the same time, he rolls him outside just later himself before eventually having him out too soon after having Orton by throwing both immediately before Orton, throwing them on him, and eventually throwing Jimmy. At the same time, all had run before himself. Randy Orton hit LA Knight with two right hands before taking action against Solo and Jimmy by throwing right hands at them both simultaneously; Roman then stopped this attempt at entry before using his right hands against LA Knight himself with right hands from Randy Orton himself and hitting them both as SmackDown went off the air. AJ Styles then used their right hands against LA Knight until LA Knight hit him with a clothesline before Orton grabbed LA Knight with both hands to deliver another clothesline on him before Randy Orton grabbed LA Knight with both of them as SmackDown went off air amidst this incidental encounter between both men before Roman intervened to stop Solo/ Jimmy from entering before Roman told Roman not to continue this matchup by hitting LA Knight himself with both of which hands before throwing himself onto LA Knight while throwing himself onto top turnbuckles until Randy Orton then delivered right hand on LA Knight before SmackDDown went off the air again.

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