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WWE: WWE released many superstars this year, including big names like Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin, and Matt Riddle. Now, news is coming out that many wrestlers will become free agents.

Remember that after the merger of WWE and UFC, 21 superstars were fired. Since main roster superstars must fulfill a 90-day non-compete clause after their release, he had yet to be seen fighting in any promotion.

WWE’s sale to Endeavor came with its casualties. The company that produces sports entertainment was sold to a new company on the day following WWE WrestleMania 39 in April. Vince McMahon joined forces with Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel to announce the sale. Some fine-tuning came in the subsequent months, as Endeavor planned to merge WWE with its other combat sports asset, UFC, to create one sizeable publicly traded company called TKO. The merger officially took effect on September 1, 2018. Days after top TKO executives rang the bell on Wall Street, WWE made singnification budget cuts in its corporate and talent departments.


25 Former WWE Stars Return This Week

It’s a fresh start for many former athletes sports entertainers.

WWE’s talent releases are set to become free agents tomorrow, December 21st. This came after 25 wrestlers were released on September 21st and had to sit out their 90-day no-compete clauses. The complete list of the former WWE stars expected to become free agents on Thursday can be seen below…

Mustafa Ali


Shelton Benjamin

rick boogs

dana brook

cut the box



Quincy Elliott

yulisa Leon



Riddick moss

Matt Riddle


Top Dolla

Dolph Ziggler

One special thing is that many wrestlers have been booked to appear in many shows. Recently, news emerged that Dolph Ziggler will be seen in the World Wresling Council event  in Puerto Rico. Matt Riddle will also appear on several independent shows in February and March. A day before Royal Rumble 2024, Mansoor will be seen debuting in Game Changer Wrestling.

Which Stars Will Wrestle on TV Again First?

All eyes will be on two names from this list: Dolph Ziggler and Mustafa Ali.

Ziggler and Ali were in similar roles during their respective WWE run, but neither received the spotlight they deserved on the main stage that they both believed to be capable of.

Ziggler was a huge success during the first half of 2010 when he was being the World Heavyweight Champion and headlining several pay-per-views. Still, WWE never got behind him as strongly as it did in 2013 after he suffered an ill-timed concussion early into his world title reign. 

Ali shared many of Ziggler’s scheduling woes in that he was an event main event spot prior to WWE WrestleMania 35, but injuries led to his position being replaced.  Ali clarified his frustrations with WWE over the years, even publicly requesting his release in 2022.

Ziggler has been rumored to be AEW-bound for months, mainly since his brother, Ryan Nemeth, works there.The reports have been circulated about AEW has already come up with innovative pitches to bring Ziggler to be a part of stories. For Ali his fans, many have linked Ali to Impact Wrestling With that promotion’s imminent TNA  rebrand coming in January, Total Nonstop Action could have its eyes on the cruiserweight to slot into its critically acclaimed X-Division.

Mansoor asked why he had to lose weight while in the WWE.

After his release from WWE,Mansoor has been regularly live-streaming on Twitch, revealing many exciting stories related to the company. He also mentioned when he had to lose weight because Vince McMahon felt he was not working out.

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