Mon. May 20th, 2024

WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts had many controversial storylines when he was a professional wrestler, frequently with his snake. However, none of his actions were as widely condemned as the 2002 Katie Vick storyline featuring Kane and Triple H. On his “The Snake Pit” podcast, Roberts reacted to the storyline.
It’s interesting to note that Roberts did not know about the plot but was able to see Triple H, as well as his Katie Vick mannequin, performing what was believed to be a sign of necrophilia. Afterwards, Roberts was questioned about his reactions to not just the scene he was in and experienced but also necrophilia as a whole. In the wake of hearing the incident, Roberts immediately denounced the incident. “Of sure, that was the case! It’s so disgusting … Don’t show any respect to your Brother … The way they talk is horrible and should have been removed completely from TV. ”
However, he admitted that he might have done the angle at no cost when requested. “No. I’d do it for absolutely free. But I’d do it right! I’d choose a real body! It’s so disgusting! …” The year 2022 was the last time Jim Ross also slammed the angle on the show’s episode “Grilling JR.” According to JR Ross, the episode was “embarrassing to wrestlers. “

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