Tue. May 21st, 2024

Since his return to WWE at Survivor Series last month, CM Punk has proven an instantaneous hit among audiences and is quickly growing more prominent with each passing day as more fans flock to see him live and more are excited when he appears on Monday Night RAW banner. No surprise at all there! He remains such a draw that it should come as no shock that one of their top Superstars was replaced in this role on his behalf by Punk himself!

Punk has made appearances across Monday Night RAW, Friday Night SmackDown and NXT Deadline since returning last month, and it is clear he remains one of WWE’s main draws – often to excellent fan delight! He consistently draws crowds when appearing live! Fans appreciate seeing such iconic talent.

Jey Uso made his comeback to wrestling during WWE Payback following his resignation from Smackdown, much to fans’ joy, heading straight for Monday Night RAW, where his appearance has been booked extremely well – being prominently displayed both on banners and posters across both shows.

Now, if one checks WWE’s official website, they’ll see that CM Punk has taken his rightful place as host for Monday Night RAW, no doubt due to how prevalent he has become within WWE. Considering just how important Punk already has evolved within this company, this shouldn’t come as a great shock.

Jey Uso wasn’t the only WWE Superstar who got switched out after injury; Charlotte Flair also saw Randy Orton take her place, with Punk debuting his gear for his return match against Dominik Mysterio a while back.

What do you think about CM Punk taking over for Jey Uso as Monday Night RAW banner carrier? Are you excited that he’s back in WWE? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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