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Selena Gomez knows precisely what she needs in a romantic partnership.

Selena Gomez has found happiness. The American singer-songwriter recently announced she had fallen for music producer Benny Blanco through PopFaction Instagram celebrity fan pages on December 7. Soon afterwards, Selena posted an Instagram story showing herself and Benny together wearing initial rings bearing B’s; fans went wild over them, sending congratulations messages as fans went wild! During an interaction with Vogue Mexico y Latinoamerica, Selena revealed her priorities have evolved: now seeking the “right kind of people”.

On Thursday, Vogue Mexico y Latinoamerica featured an interview with Gomez where she opened up about what truly counts when confiding in someone with her heart.

Selena Gomez mentioned in conversation she must start being attracted to “the right kind of people”. According to Selena, this means being in relationships where both partners maintain space for one another while showing mutual respect – this was hard enough without having to find her current beau, Benny Blanco! Once it happens, it would be great, but Selena believes “when it happens, it will be great and healthy”.

Without directly naming her new beau, 35, she stated that self-respect and understanding the emotions of others were two top priorities on her list of requirements for any potential partner.

“Honestly, I must attract the appropriate kind of people as there has been both success and failure with that approach,” stated the singer of “Love You Like a Love Song” in an interview translated from Spanish into English.

Selena Gomez, previously linked with Justin Bieber and The Weekend, has publicly admitted she doesn’t regret any past relationships, believing everything happens for a reason. According to Selena herself: ‘When something challenging arises in life, I always seek lessons as opportunities.” She wanted to experience each stage as it came her way and learn as much from each as she possibly could to grow from them all.

PopFaction posted an Instagram picture featuring Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco that ignited dating speculation rumours, leading to their official announcement shortly after that. Selena commented, “He is my absolute everything in my heart”, further fuelling dating speculations.

Although Gomez revealed she and Blanco had been romantically involved for approximately six months, their history goes much deeper.


“He is my absolute everything in my heart,” she wrote on an Instagram post that featured them after one of their fans shared an image with them – this interaction was also shared via PopCrave on December 7.

Gomez then posted a black-and-white photograph of herself to Instagram Story, featuring her wearing an initial “B” diamond ring.

On November 25, another fan account shared a post on Instagram featuring several images, starting with one featuring Blanco from Wizards of Waverly Place standing with him.

Even though Selena Gomez only began dating Benny Blanco for six months, she knew him for eight. Justin Bieber knew him personally. In 2015, Benny produced two tracks from Selena Gomez’s Revival album — Kill Em With Kindness and Same Old Love — featuring their collaboration. They worked again two years later to produce I Can’t Get Enough together and sing its English/Spanish rendition alongside J Balvin and Tainy!

Gomez addressed any negative remarks left in the comments by responding directly.

“Not mad. It has been six months, baby. I will always defend my friends, family and fans till the day I die,” wrote Blanco in response to someone suggesting she cease sharing pictures featuring herself and Blanco because the negative comments against them could no longer be taken at face value.

Since their recent meet-up, Blanco and her “Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself” singer have become closer in anticipation of Christmas holiday festivities.

Last week, Rare Beauty mogul Samy Weng shared on Instagram an image that captured one of her most treasured memories with New York. In that image, she can laugh while spending time with Taylor Swift as their friendship deepens.


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