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Meta, owned by WhatsApp, is introducing a notable aspect in its most recent Beta release, version, accessible through the Google Play Beta Program. Google Play Beta Program. It is transforming the ways users interact via media content on channels. With the introduction of WhatsApp’s automatic album feature, pictures and videos on channels can now be organized into albums.

WhatsApp Channel

WhatsApp Channel administrators can benefit from a brand new feature in the form of WhatsApp introducing an automatic album function in its beta version. As per WABetaInfo, This feature was created to simplify the management of media shared within channels.

With the new beta update, WhatsApp has added a feature that allows channel admins who share multiple concurrent videos or images to organize them in albums. This improvement not only results in a visually pleasing display of media shared on channels but also enhances the accessibility of followers.

The feature was previously available only in WhatsApp chat groups and chats, which automatically arranges video and images in albums, and has been extended to channels. Users can easily access the entire collection by clicking on the automatic album.

An essential feature of this upgrade is the ability to channel reactions in the albums shared. The addition improves the interaction experience for users and allows them to share their ideas and feelings in the content context. Channel owners will significantly benefit from this new function because it enhances how they organize the media they share inside their channels.

Automatic album features are an efficient presentation and an appealing and well-organized overview of conversations. The feature offers a significant improvement that will simplify navigation and increase channel interaction.

What is New Feature And how to enable

Automatic album features are available to beta testers who have downloaded the most recent Whatsapp beta version for Android through the Google Play Store. The feature’s availability to more users is planned for the coming days. The introduction of auto albums by WhatsApp within channels is a significant development in enhancing the user experience.

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