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The Last of Us


The year was 2014, and the first version of The Last of Us was revealed. Screen Gems, the studio behind Resident Evil, was behind all of Resident Evil movies, and numerous other horror movies were set to release The Last of Us to the large screen. However, it did not happen. The film instead was made into a TV show, which HBO picked up. The remaining content is superb storytelling.

The Last of Us cast and character

Pedro Pascal -Joel

Bella Ramsey- Ellie

Anna Torv- Theresa “Tess”
Nico Parker  – Sarah Miller
Nick Offerman
Storm Reid – Riley Abel
Murray Bartlett – frank
Gabriel Luna – Tommy
Merle Dandridge – Marlene
Lamar Johnson – Henry
Rutina Wesley – Maria
John Hannah – Dr. Neuman
Ari Rombough – Joyce
Sonia Maria -Hannah
Josh Brener -Murray
Christopher Heyerdahl -Dr. Schoenheiss
Jeffrey Pierce – Perry
Caitlin Howden – Denise
Paolina van -Kleef
Elaine Miles -Florence
Graham Greene -Marlon
Max Montesi -Lee
Jerry Wasserman -Abe
Taylor St. Pierre -Buzzcut
Brendan Fletcher
Brad Leland – Mr. Adler
Jason Burkart -FEDRA Foreman
Marcia Bennett -Mrs. Adler
Natasha Mumba -Kim
Nelson Leis – Josiah
Wendy Gorling – Nana
Taylor St. Pierre -Buzzcut
The debut season of HBO’s The Last of Us is GameSpot’s top TV program of the year for 2023. The show not only changed the rules of play by turning into possibly the greatest live-action rendition of the popular video game, but it also changed the game in intriguing ways, and we fell in love with new renditions that were Joel and Ellie.

Excellently portrayed by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, respectively, the new live rendition of Ellie and Joel makes for a powerful emotional pair. If you add the characters developed for the show – Bill, Frank, Sam, Henry Riley, and Riley- the show is brimming with fantastic performances from all the actors involved.

Episode 3, in particular, is regarded as being among the most memorable television episodes in recent years. The show took what’s usually written down in the form of notes or scraps of paper from the game, which is the relationship between Bill and Frank. It then transforms this into one of the television’s most affectionate and touching storylines. In a dark and bleak world like the one depicted on screen in The Last of Us, watching an uplifting romance blossom and grow in the face of an apocalypse was refreshing. Two characters could lead lives the way they wanted, enjoying their house’s tranquil and cozy embrace as the world crumbled around them. The two of them.

There’s more than one episode that makes The Last of Us our best show, but. The show is a complete series that did everything it could to draw people who are fans of the series but also made an effort to provide people with little clues about the world. It utilized its first episode to introduce viewers to the gruesome situation unfolding skillfully and then spent the next series that followed faithfully replicating various aspects of the original game. While adding sufficient twists and turns stops us from getting familiar.

Where i watch The Last of us tv show

  • JIO TV



Looking ahead and ahead, we’re still determining which direction to take. Is Season last of us 2 bulldozing right into the next game? Or will it recount the events that took place during the time between games? We hope we will be as fascinated by the game as in Season 1.

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