Sun. May 19th, 2024

PlayStation 5 Pro rumours have recently received some confirmation from an influential video games industry insider, as well as being detailed by leaks that appear to reveal its specifications and release date.

Giant Bomb reporter Jeff Grubb may not confirm a leak regarding the PS5 Pro’s existence and release date in recent leaks; however, in his Jeff Grubb’s Game Mess podcast episode released today (alongside discussing Naughty Dog’s decision to cancel The Last of Us Factions multiplayer game), Grubb did reveal info regarding it nonetheless.

Regarding Sony’s PlayStation5 Pro release date, Grubb believes they will launch this next iteration of their game console by September 2024. Leaks indicate Sony will utilize their hardware solution to implement “DLSS-like” upscaling technology into PS5 Pro, providing better image resolutions at higher frame rates while running things at a much faster resolution and frame rate than before.

Grubb predicted that the PS5 Pro would cost around $600.00 when released.

Sony Issues Dynamic Difficulty Patent for Video Games
Sony recently filed (via Exputer) its unique approach for real-time game difficulty adjustment that seems similar to what EA patented (but claims has never used) regarding dynamic difficulty adjustment technology for FIFA Madden NHL titles.

Sony’s patent, entitled “Adaptive Difficulty Calibration For Skills-Based Activities in Virtual Environments”, revolves around dynamic difficulty adjustment that will enhance player engagement with games by creating emotional difficulty changes according to the gameplay of individual players, either making challenges more challenging if needed or decreasing it so players aren’t left frustrated while they play.

The patent focuses on tailor-made difficulty adjustments that deliver unique experiences for each player, according to how they engage with the game.

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