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After allegations of domestic violence were made public in March, Majors was found to be guilty by the jury of third-degree reckless assault and second-degree harassment. He could end up being placed in jail for one year. He’ll then get his sentence formalized on Feb. 6th6, 2024. According to THR, legal counsel has indicated that there’s a chance Majors would serve jail time. The attorneys have also mentioned using text messages as evidence to support the Majors lawyers in an appeal. This could be the positive side for Majors, whom Marvel Studios fired for his part as Kang as a direct consequence of the guilty decision.

Hill lawyer Cary London said, “although technically, the defendant will face the full year of imprisonment, the judge might grant the defendant three years of probation, as well as anger management or other services for the community. The defendant, Mr. Majors doesn’t have to endure the length of time in prison he’s owed. 

London has also stated that it is “scarce” for a misdemeanour charge that occurs in New York to go to trial. Defence attorneys often agree to plea bargains to avoid problems, thus risking a more severe sentence. It needs to be clarified whether there was any discussion concerning a plea agreement in this instance, even though the district prosecutor did not record them in the court’s record. Law experts suggest that Majors’ popularity has played a significant role in why the case was brought to trial. Perhaps it was because Majors hoped to clear his name in a highly publicized manner after allegations were a significant blow to his career in March.

“Surprisingly, it went to trial, but explained by his celebrity,” the criminal defence lawyer Mark Geragos of the L.A. law firm Geragos & Geragos. “This is a case that usually would have been resolved without much fanfare or consequence that instead took on a life of its own, as is often the case. ”
Text Message Evidence May Aid an Appeal
London added she believed that Majors’s lawyer made an error in the trial that permitted Molineaux’s proof, or the proof of previous crimes that were not charged, to be presented to jurors. This was following Majors’s attorney used the same line of inquiry in the cross-examination of Molineaux’s accused, Grace Jabbari, which “lacked specificity.” The prosecution reacted by introducing the evidence of texts that were sent from an incident during September 2022, in which Majors seemed to have been talking Jabbari away from needing medical treatment in connection with an unidentified head injury.

“I am concerned that you may not understand what could happen when you go to the hospital. They’ll ask questions, and since I’m not convinced that you safeguard us, it might cause an investigation, even in the event that you lie, and they think you’re doing something wrong,” one text from Majors stated. Jabbari responded that she’d inform medical professionals they should know that they “bumped” the top of her head, writing “Why should I reveal to the doctors what actually happened even though it’s obvious that I would like to remain together with you? ”
In the beginning, this evidence could not be used during the trial until the error by the Majors attorney. The attorneys believe this mistake could assist Majors to appeal. The former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney Lance Fletcher, declared, “Obviously, that kind of matter can seem very negative to jurors. some lawyers might argue the case. the jury should not have heard about them, especially since they were not specifically discussing the assault he was on trial for.” The other thing that can help jurors is the fact that there was a split verdict in which he was found guilty of assault with reckless intent but was cleared of intentional assault. Lawyers could argue that the trial is highly complex.

The legal fight may still need to be finished; however, Majors are running as Kang within the MCU is looking to be. Following his demotion, the news broke the possibility that Avengers: The Kang Dynasty could be losing its title, which suggests that the role of Kang in the MCU could be reduced completely. The future of the film will be decided shortly. Michael Waldron was recently brought onto the project to develop the script for a fresh version, hoping to swap to Kang for the villain role. The movie will be released in cinemas on May 1st, 2026.

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