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Jennifer Lopez recently admitted that both she and Ben Affleck have developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of the intense media attention surrounding their initial attempt at romance.

Jennifer Lopez recently opened up to E! News that she and Ben Affleck are still dealing with remnants from their first relationship.

After divorcing in 2004, Lopez has spoken candidly about how their time together – from dating in 2002 until calling off their engagement – still affects both parties today.

Jenny From The Block singer and Hypnotic actor Mark Lennie have stated they still need time to untangle themselves following an abrupt ending of their early romance.

“Now we are older and wiser,” Jennifer revealed to Variety on December 20, “and know what really matters in life – not so much what others think, but staying true to who we are and being authentic.

Wisdom comes with age. Now more than ever before we understand what’s essential and crucial in life and are more aware than ever of what others think – simply being true to who we are as individuals!

Lopez and Affleck first began dating during their initial meeting on set for Gigli, released in 2003, released. Later on they teamed up again in 2004 for Jersey Girl; although Bennifer as often called eventually ended shortly after calling off their wedding in 2003. It would later rekindle itself three years later in 2021 before ultimately leading them down their wedding aisle in Las Vegas in 2022.

Jennifer’s new album features songs about her and Ben’s relationship, including one she sang for their wedding: “Can’t Get Enough”. However, writing music about their marriage required pushing back from friends and family – but Jennifer wasn’t deterred by any negativity from writing music about their union! “Let’s Get Loud” hitmaker said she felt some resistance amongst these individuals when making music about marriage for this album.

“Artists should follow their heart, so I followed mine here by doing something I knew might not please everyone but felt I must,” she told an outlet.

Alongside her new album, Jennifer will also unveil an accompanying film which she promises will offer “a unique musical experience”.

“To experience it fully,” noted Shotgun Wedding star Vanessa Beeley, she called it a musical experience: there will be music involved that you’ll both see and hear; then come live the experience itself!

Ben made headlines back in April by discussing Jennifer’s album on an interview on “SmartLess”. While complimenting her lyricism skills and singing abilities, he pointed out several “negative” tracks about themselves written by Jennifer.

According to Variety, 54-year-old music icon Jennifer Lopez admitted she and Affleck (51), both now older and wiser, still suffer from post traumatic stress disorder from their short but intense romance that ended abruptly. Lopez stressed, though, that being true to yourself rather than what people think should ultimately be at the core of life and its priorities.

Fans who’d love to see Marry Me actor Andrew Garfield and Hypnotic star Jessica Lopez back together again can take some comfort knowing Lopez gave some hope: “We love being together and working together so, who knows, it could happen one day!” she commented.

Lopez and Affleck first met 21 years ago while filming Gigli. At that time, Lopez was married to Cris Judd; their divorce would ultimately take effect two years later but by that point Lopez and Affleck had become engaged.

In 2003, this Hollywood couple appeared together again in Jersey Girl. However, while their connection seemed seamless onscreen, in real life things had taken an unfortunate turn: Days ahead of their planned nuptials they parted ways reportedly.

Lopez shares 15-year-old twin children Emme and Max with former flame Marc Anthony.

She told the publication she and Affleck would enjoy working together again and that anything could happen between now and then; “we love being together and working together, so yeah… there may be opportunities!”

Now, she is getting ready for the release of This Is Me… Now on February 16. Both album and film document her romance with Affleck.

Before her rekindled romance with Affleck, “On The Floor” singer Anna Ivey took time to consider all of the factors leading up to their tragic break-up in 2016. At that time she blamed tabloid attention as one of many potential reasons. According to People magazine:

One month after Jennifer Lopez ended her two-year engagement to former Yankees player Alex Rodriguez, Ben Affleck and Lopez were seen riding together in an SUV in April 2021. Rumors started swirling that they may be dating before vacationing together in Big Sky Montana during May – later that month Us Weekly reported from an anonymous source: ‘Jen and Ben seem very content together and are enjoying seeing where this goes,” noted an insider subsequently quoted by Us Weekly later that month. A source further verified this report for Us : they had began full dating by May – in May! – before heading off together to Big Sky Montana during June vacation! An insider confirmed this year with Us Weekly later reporting: ‘They appear full dating and very content together!'”

Nearly one year later, with her intention being different this time around, Lopez revealed she has tried her hardest to keep this new chapter of their relationship as private and secure as possible.


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