Sun. May 19th, 2024

We know that the GTA VI map will consist of a combination of several areas located in Vice City and Port Gellhorn. From leaks and from insiders, it’s evident that Vice City is based in Miami, while Port Gellhorn takes inspiration from Panama City. Some areas of Vice City are also based on other real-world locations, introducing both a mountain range and a prison.

Rockstar Games has not yet revealed the GTA 6 Map, but the official wallpaper teased it. A few days after the debut trailer, a new official artwork featuring Lucia and Jason was revealed. The same artwork has a map, leading people to think it could be the map for the next chapter.

It is interesting to note that the map looks very different than the Grand Theft Auto 6 leaked map, which has been available online for some time. Readers should know that it is a speculative map, as there is no official confirmation.

Rockstar Games’ official Grand Theft Auto Wallpaper may look like a simple artwork, but it could hide more. Zooming into the picture, X user @PainkillerH20 discovered a map.

Rockstar Games’ tease is still in the right place, even though there’s no official confirmation that it’s the map for the sequel. Although the image appears blurry, we can see some islands. The image is blurry, but we can still see some islands.


According to the leaked images, there are a lot of locations that we know will be returning and new. Many places of interest may feature varying activities or pastimes. Some of these locations may have been based on real-world locations, including Rockridge (based upon Little Havana), South Beach (similar to Lake Okeechobee), and Grassrivers.

The locations show us various activities incorporated into the Grand Theft Auto series. These include nightclubs and theme parks, an observatory, a golf club, shady minimarts, and pawn shops. Joyeria Empenos, a Puerto Rico-inspired pawnshop, is also featured.

The site’s layout resembles a screenshot from the GTA 6 trailer which shows the Miami Venetian Islands in the game.

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