Fri. May 17th, 2024

Although it may seem an incredibly early time to consider purchasing the 2026 Apple Watch Ultra, but however there is never enough to think about purchasing the latest Apple device. Perhaps some of you have already started considering an A21 Pro chipset that could be the power behind Apple’s iPhone 19 series. This application processor may be developed by TSMC by using the 1.4nm processing node. The largest foundry in the world, TSMC, just mentioned as a possible node to be a follower to 2nm.

Based on TrendForce (via 9toMac), 2026’s Apple Watch Ultra will carry the world’s first micro-LED display, replacing the OLED display currently utilized by the watch. Displays made of micro-LED are smaller and lighter than present OLED displays, draw less energy and permit the watches to have a brighter display. The initial plan was to launch the Apple Watch Ultra in 2025 The yield on the manufacturing of micro-LED panels is not high enough that it has made Apple worried that it may not be able to get an ongoing supply of these displays.

Getting the yield to rise is vital for Apple because it is planning to incorporate micro-LED into various other gadgets, such as the iPhone. Also, since a poor yield will mean paying a greater cost for every device that has passed the quality test, a year delay is the best option at the very minimum.

TrendForce anticipates Apple will increase the dimensions of its Apple Watch Ultra from 2026. It will be 2.12 inches instead of the 1.91-inch display currently for both 2022 and 2023 models of the Apple Watch Ultra. Therefore, in 2026, the Apple Watch Ultra could be the first Apple’s most premium smartwatches that will have screens that is larger that 2 inches. It’s a 11% improvement in display real estate on this Apple Watch Ultra in 2026.

Price increases could be a part of the display upgrade in Apple Watch Ultra. Apple Watch Ultra by 2026, as TrendForce estimates that the new display with micro-LEDs is expected to cost 2.5 to three times the cost of the present Apple Watch Ultra display. This could increase the price to $120, which is a significant increase from $40-$48 Apple is currently paying. It will mean an extra $72-$80 to $80 that Apple could eat, or transfer to customers through an increase in price.

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