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We’ll review the Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom post-credits scenes to conclude the DC Extended Universe film. The sequel to the 2018 Aquaman was not originally planned to complete the DCEU; however, that’s exactly how it ended up. After a number of attempts to correct this ship, Warner Bros. Discovery hired James Gunn and Peter Safran to head a brand new division of film known as DC Studios. On January 1, Gunn and Safran unveiled the revamp of the DCEU in the form of the new DC Universe, which is set to begin at the top of the list by releasing the Gunn film Superman: Legacy in 2025.

You’re in the right spot since there is a complete information guide on this subject, including the number of Aquaman 2 post-credits scenes and what they are. We’ve made sure to mark spoilers if they are released so that you can use our helpful reference to the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom post-credits scenes whether you’re about to go to the theater or are at home after a day at the cinema.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom have only one credit scene like the film’s predecessor. It’s set at the halfway point of the stylized credits; however, it is finished before the beginning of the scroll. Nothing can be found at the end of the Aquaman 2 credits, nor is there another scene or audio tag. Additionally, no screens with text resembling Marvel Studios’ movies say that the character will return.

The principal plotline of this film revolves around Black Manta, still seeking revenge over his father’s demise, searching for an old Atlantean trident that would grant the man the capability to face Aquaman. The trident, however, comes at an expense: he must get rid of the horrible ancient ruler from the icy prison, who was its owner.

Following melting the glacier, the last step of this procedure was to crack the magical lock using the blood of the dead King Atlan, Aquaman’s ancestral ancestor and the brother of the ghost that was held captive. Three living people carry this blood: Aquaman himself, his brother Orm, and Aquaman’s newborn son.

Then, Manta takes an Aquababy and is on the verge of killing the kid as Aquaman comes in at the very last moment to smash the blade into Manta’s hands. This suits Manta well, considering Manta is determined to take down Aquaman. Thus, the fight for Aquaman’s life commences.

In the middle of the fight, the magically-powered Manta can’t be stopped and almost eliminates Mera with the black trident towards Mera. However, Orm gets it back in a shocking manner. But this is only two times Orm has hit the trident and can’t stop the power of the past. Orm is possessed by the wicked ghost king, who abandons Manta and renders him powerless.

Again, Orm and Aquaman must fight, and Orm can free the ghost king by hitting Aquaman with enough force that he has bled onto the lock. However, Aquaman can defeat the ghost king by taking a trick borrowed from James Gunn. The Aquaman puts his trident across another one, similar to Deadshot’s bullet technique from the final scene in The Suicide Squad. However, it’s absurd considering its metal tridents. However, “silly” is pretty par in any Aquaman film, so we’ll accept the idea.

In the absence of his strength, Manta is trapped, hung from a tower in the cave that the two have been fighting, and collapses around the man. This is in a complete reverse of their initial scene in the film before attempting to aid Manta; however, Manta cannot help and allows himself to slide down. If they made an additional one, Manta would return in the end, but there’s not much point in trying to guess this now.

Unfortunately, the world is in chaos even though the threat has been wiped out during the film due to Manta’s attempts to speed up global climate change. The Atlanteans and all of the world’s underwater inhabitants decide to bring themselves to the surface so that they can thwart what Manta was able to accomplish. Thus, Aquaman, Dolph Lundgren, and Crab appear on the cover and deliver an epic speech on the need for everyone to pull together.

The movie then closes by showing Orm having a burger for the first time, due to Aquaman ridiculing his character earlier in the film because he has never tried food on the surface. After that, the credits start rolling.

Does Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom’s Credits Set Up The DCU Relaunch?

The Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom credits scene doesn’t establish any scenario to set the stage for Jason Momoas Aquaman Future that, in turn, will set the stage for Gunn Safran’s DCU. It’s the Aquaman 2. credits scene that doesn’t set things up and is paving the way to an eventual DCU remake. Nothing in the future will be explored, such as that Black Adamcredits scene that brought the character back to Henry Cavill’s Superman, but only to allow Gunn to make an announcement a couple of months later that he would be changing the character. The result is that the DCEU has just one more dangling thread, which could mean that the DCU can’t wrap up.

Naturally, there are plenty of possible plot threads to allow Momoa’s Aquaman to continue should a follow-up film be granted the green light. Black Manta’s undetermined fate may have resulted in him being re-introduced. Even if Orm and Arthur have reconciled and rekindled their friendship, the Oceanmaster might have returned in a way as a villain and ally in the fight against a villain. In light of the disappointing film’s box-office expectations for Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, it is likely that Aquaman 3.0 won’t ever occur. It’s better to note that Aquaman 2 did not have a credit scene that hinted at anything in the coming. Instead, it’s the DCU will officially begin a new chapter in the universe using as clean a slate as it can be after Aquaman, as the Lost Kingdom officially closed the DCEU

As I said, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has a mid-credits sequence before the final credits begin. This shouldn’t be a massive surprise since most of the recent DCEU movies tend to feature something in the credits. However, does this sequence offer clues to the direction of DC on the large screen? We’ll wait for the full breakdown of our ending explanation to find out more.

Keep an eye out on Friday for our complete spoiler analysis of Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom! Also, let us know your thoughts on Aquaman 2 in the comments below.

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