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Jonathan Majors was found guilty of a violent assault on his former lover, Grace Jabbari. A Manhattan jury has found Major Marvel actor guilty. Monday of misdemeanor charges of assault and harassment; however, he was acquitted of two other charges. Marvel Studios has severed ties with Jonathan Majors, meaning we won’t see him return as the character in Remains.

The jury of six members was able to find Majors not guilty of one count of assault intent in the third degree and one charge of harassment aggravated in the second level. Majors, dressed in dark gray suits and sitting in the courtroom with his lawyers and partner Meagan Good, could not stand as the verdict was read out.

Judge Michael Gaffey has set the date for sentencing to be February. 6. Majors could face up to one year of jail, but the judge could sentence him to probation.

Majors was detained in March in New York City after he attacked Jabbari inside the back seat of a car owned by the owner. Jabbari was a 30-year-old choreographer who was a guest on Majors during the filming of the film “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” she said in court that she had a hand on Majors phone following an SMS message sent by an unidentified woman. Jabbari said that when Majors was trying to take his phone from his hands the phone forcefully, she received “a hard blow” across her forehead that caused swelling, bruising, and hurt.

The actor was arrested on the 25th of March after he was charged with harassment and assault. Major accused Jabbari of attacking her from the back of a car owned by a private company following the time he used her cell phone to check the text messages that he received from a different woman. Jabbari claims that Majors forced her mobile from her, which caused the “excruciating” injury to her right middle finger. She also claimed that after she left the vehicle, Majors hit her on the side of her head and attacked her. He tried to drag him to return inside the vehicle, which caused a laceration behind his right ear.

Following the decision, Marvel Studios severed ties with Majors in the role of the main villain, Kang the Conqueror, within Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor, who is 34 years old, was set to appear in the upcoming movies of the comic-book franchise and the 2025 film “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.”

Jonathan Major was first seen in the last episode of Loki season 1, in which he played the role of a villain, and he also got to see a lot of this role in season 2.

Kang had an important role in the multiverse in Marvel. Majors was meant to embody all of them — a premise first explored in Marvel’s February feature release, “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.” The actor subsequently played a variant of Kang named Victor Timely in Season 2 of “Loki,” which streamed on Disney+ in the fall. (Production on the series concluded months before his arrest.) Majors was next set to headline the first part of the climactic conclusion to the Multiverse Saga, The shooting of Avengers The Kang Dynasty was supposed to start in 2024, but it has been postponed to 2025 2026.

Variety has reported that Marvel executives, led by studio chief Kevin Feige, discussed the possibility of pivoting away from Kang to focus on another significant villain.  the remainder of the Multiverse Saga. The impact on significant carriers could be even more severe.  Still, the company quietly pulled the Film from its calendar in October.

His lawyer Priya Chaudhary believes that the profile of her client Major is clean.

It is clear to the jury that Major did not attack him knowingly. He is called innocent. His lawyer, Priya Chaudhary, says that Major did not cause any injury by shouting. The jury also saw that Major did not care in any way when he was attacking.

In the course of deciding on its verdict, jurors were also instructed to look over surveillance footage and hear the testimony of the woman who went to an evening club in the same nightclub with Jabbari in the aftermath of the attack.

During the trial, prosecutor Kelli Galloway told jurors Majors had been manipulative and controlled toward Jabbari during their relationship of two years. It was revealed that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office released audio recordings and text messages as evidence. In them, Majors tried to deter Jabbari from visiting the hospital to heal the head injury and also threatened suicide in the course of a dispute. On an audio file that was played to jurors, Majors stated to Jabbari that she must behave as Coretta Scott King as well

“What this boils down to is four simple words: control, domination, manipulation, and abuse,” Galloway gave the jury her closing argument. Majors denies that he attacked Jabbari, while his defense team asserted that Jabbari was the one who acted as an aggressor on the night of the incident in his vehicle. They also said that Jabbari created the claims to take revenge on Majors following their split. In her closing arguments, Chaudhry called Jabbari a “liar” who “bends reality.”

On the evening of the incident, the vehicle’s driver could testify, using an Urdu interpreter and an interpreter in Urdu, that Majors “was not doing anything” to Jabbari within the car. However, when Majors tried to lift her from the vehicle, Jabbari tried to throw Jabbari out and was “trying to throw her in,” the driver said to the jurors: 

Majors His career as an actor in Hollywood grew until he was detained. He was nominated for Emmys in two 2023 tentpoles, “Ant-Man 3” and “Creed III,” in addition to the indie “Magazine Dreams,” which was purchased from Searchlight Pictures at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The studio pulled the film from its scheduled release dates following the accusations.

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