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New York: Actor Vin Diesel was accused of assault of a sexual nature by a former assistant who, in a suit, alleges that the actor beat her up sexually when filming for the film ‘Fast Five’. Asta Jonasson, in her lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles court, also stated that she was fired shortly after the assault.

She says that, in the year 2010, Diesel was able to hold her against the wall of a hotel suite, and the two of them masturbated before her.

The lawsuit is the most recent case that has been filed with the judges in California and has widened the period during which legal action may be pursued in the case of sexual assault allegations.

According to the complaint, Jonasson was employed by One Race, the production company that is owned by the actor, in order to perform various duties. They included planning and assisting Diesel with social events and making sure she was present in pictures when the actor was making an appearance on her own at a function with no romantic partners.

“Sexual workplace discrimination of a sexual nature won’t stop until males with power aren’t kept from having to answer. We’re hoping that her brave decision to make a statement helps create an impression that will last and also inspires all the survivors.” The attorney for Jonasson, Claire-Lise Kutlay, said in a statement made by the attorney.

Then, she was given the task of helping Diesel leave the hotel in the early hours of the morning after engaging with a variety of women in a suite prior to the paparazzi becoming aware of his presence.

“Alone within the room, with Vin Diesel, Vin Diesel sexually assaulted Ms Jonasson. Vin Diesel forcibly grabbed Ms Jonasson, groped her breasts, and then kissed her. Ms Jonasson was unable to free her from his grasp and repeatedly said, “No!

The drama escalated when she escaped to the bathroom. Diesel pursued her and demanded Jonasson to “grab his erect penis”. Despite her protests to the contrary, he was allegedly able to pin her against the wall and then masturbated. Then, letting her go after she had completed. Then, he removed himself from the area.

Within a few hours, Samantha Vincent, the acting sister of the actor and director of One Race, the entertainment firm that hired Jonasson, was allegedly contacted and dismissed.

“The message was very clear. Ms Jonasson was fired after bravely opposing the sexual assault of Vin Diesel. Vin Diesel would be secured, and the sexual assault would be covered in the courtroom,” the suit said.

Greenberg Gross, The firm that represents Mrs Jonasson, released a statement.

A spokesperson from the company stated that they were pleased to stand behind their client and make Vin Diesel, along with the people who facilitated and concealed his conduct, account for sexual assault.

“Vin Diesel then escalated his assault,” the lawsuit said. It also cited the actor attempting to pull off his partner’s pants.

The lawsuit said that Jonasson ran to the bathroom. There, Diesel chased her and then made her close to the man. Then, he pinned her to the wall and started masturbating.

The following day, Samantha Vincent, the acting sister of the actor and director of One Race, the entertainment company that employed Jonasson, the actor’s sister, was reported to have called her and dismissed her.

“The message was simple. Ms Jonasson was dismissed for her courage in refusing to take on Vin Diesel’s sexual assault. Vin Diesel would be secured, and the sexual assault would be covered in the courtroom,” the suit said.

The civil lawsuit demands unspecified damages from Diesel, Vincent and their businesses.

The representatives of Diesel have yet to respond to AFP inquiries for comments.

Jonasson has given up the anonymity rights that are typically given to those who have suffered from alleged sexual abuse.

In the suit, after a night of drinking in September, Jonasson was requested to be in Diesel’s room in the St. Regis hotel until the women had left the club. When the women left, Diesel allegedly took hold of the wrists of Jonasson and pulled her to the mattress.

“Ms Jonasson was unable to escape and closed her eyes, scared of angering Vin Diesel by rejecting him further and trying to dissociate, wishing the assault would end,” the complaint exposes.

Despite her concerns for the safety of her body and that of her job, Jonasson hesitated to challenge her boss’s progress. When Diesel tried to take off her pants, she could not contain her fear and ran down the hall and screamed.

Jonasson found herself helpless and restricted; her faith of herself was shaken and she began to question her skills and if a satisfying job might necessitate her trading in her body to advance. 

The #MeToo global movement has seen some of the most influential people within the entertainment industry penalized for their inappropriate and predatory conduct, starting with the explosive allegations of the industry’s biggest name, Harvey Weinstein, in 2017 that caused his detention in connection with multiple charges of assault.

Although she had signed a nondisclosure agreement when she was hired, Jonasson was able to voice her concerns within the safeguards of the Speak Out Act and California’s legislation AB2777. The laws ban the enforcement of agreements for sexual harassment, assault as well as harassment. They additionally temporarily suspended the time limit regarding allegations of sexual misconduct in the year following 2009.

Based on Jonasson’s assertions in the legal document, The #MeToo as well as the Time’s Up movement, gave her the strength she needed to regain control over her life and to seek revenge for the harm she endured due to Vin Diesel and One Race.

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