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Miami Dolphins (11-4) came back from behind and defeated Dallas Cowboys (10-5), 22-20 on Christmas Eve afternoon at Hard Rock Stadium as Dak Prescott led his squad through another challenging journey towards success. This victory secured their playoff berth for consecutive seasons for only the second time since 2001 and 2000!

Tua Tagovailoa and Jeff Wilson Jr. led Miami Dolphins on an outstanding drive that ended with Jason Sanders nailing a 29-yard field goal from Jason Sanders – two players that struggled early with engaging their receivers – yet managed to pull away in a tight game with 11 catches for 99 yards each by Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle before Waddle left due to an eye injury sustained from making an oblique catch of 50 yards that earned the Dolphins 1,000 receiving yards on year.

Cowboys lose 5 of 6 road games this season: Prescott scored two touchdowns but fumbled his ball close to Miami’s zone of end during the opening play of the match; Micah Parsons was called for hitting the quarterback during a second half, which resulted in Dolphins touchdown with Raheem Mostert scoring again, this time 4 yards to receiver who caught ball for 4 yards; this touchdown tie Christian McCaffrey for most touchdowns scored this NFL season (21 total touchdowns total).

During this game, CeeDee Lamb was an impressive contributor for the Cowboys, setting an unprecedented mark by amassing 5,000 yards scrimmage across his first four seasons and scoring touchdowns in a consecutive seven-game streak. This Pro Bowl receiver also caught six passes for 118 yards receiving distance. — Victoria Hernandez

Losers and winners from the Dolphins, who defeated the Cowboys. Cowboys


Tua Tagovailoa and Tyreek Hill: Every time Tua needed an opening pass play during his Dolphins-winning drive, his main target would be wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who quickly made plays downfield for first downs. Tagovailoa even made quick throws directly at Hill twice on three consecutive fumble recoveries to score their winning touchdown drive!

Hill was, once more, the most dangerous player on the field – finishing with nine receptions for 99 yards!

Tagovailoa was in an outstanding mood and gave an exceptional performance for the Dolphins quarterback, tossing 293 yards with one touchdown throw.

Jason Sanders Scores Clean Sheet Jason Sanders kicked all five field goal attempts he attempted during the Dolphins win, including their game-winning kick of 29 yards at the end of the fourth quarter – earning them all.

According to the FOX broadcast, Sanders achieved three field goals exceeding 50 yards during this game and became the first Miami player to kick three field goals during a single match.

Dolphins Kicker Will Sutter should play ball.

Andrew Van Ginkel led all Miami Dolphins linebackers in tackles this past season with 10.1.5 tackles and four QB knocks – an unprecedented mark.

First present of 2016: The Miami Dolphins have earned themselves an automatic playoff bid! They now secure an appearance every year in consecutive playoff seasons thanks to winning.


Dallas Cowboys track record on the road: Their road record continues to improve as Dallas averages 3-3 in scores away from AT&T Stadium.

they averaged an incredible 3.9 average yardage per carry, all while being without their most prolific right linebacker Tyron Smith due to injury!

Cowboys Third Down Efficiency Offensively in Red Zone: In their loss, the Cowboys managed only 4-12 third-down conversions on third downs for 44% efficiency in offensive red zones.

Red zone offence was another area where Dallas struggled, as Dak Prescott and the Cowboys lost an early first-quarter fumble at the 1-yard line first down that resulted in Dallas giving away three plays within the red zone area of space.

The Cowboys’ lack of pass protection was evident throughout their game against Washington; its effects were felt in third-down conversion rates and red zone success. Prescott was hit four times while 12 players received hits within that zone – Tyler Dragon.

Cowboys 20, Dolphins 19: Dallas Retake Lead

Dak Prescott led Dallas back into the lead after driving a 17-play 70-yard touchdown sequence, culminating with Brandin Cooks receiving an eight-yard score outside of the goalline for Dallas at 3:27 of the fourth quarter. Dallas now held onto their advantage of 20-19 against the Miami Dolphins.

Dallas hosted one of the most extended driving series this season – 17 games total.

The Cowboys could potentially convert three fourth downs on this drive and one through penalties.

During this play, CeeDee Lamb made two grabs at 25 yards for Tyler Dragon.

Rookie kicker Brandon Aubrey remains perfect this year by nailing all 33 field goal attempts made during this campaign, keeping Dallas within striking distance of passing Dolphins at one point.

Aubrey attempted at a field goal from 33 yards with only 12 minutes remaining to bring Dallas closer to reaching Miami’s advantage and closing in. — Jim Reineking

Going into the fourth quarter, Miami holds an advantage of nine points over Cincinnati and is leading 19-10.

Third-half field goals came courtesy of Jason Sanders for the Dolphins and Brandon Aubrey of the Dallas Cowboys (making 32 field goals during the 2018 season).

Miami extended their lead at halftime after scoring 97 yards during the fourth quarter before losing ground due to Dallas. Tua Tagovailoa completed five throws for 96 yards; Tyreek Hill added 55 more through five receptions. — Tyler Dragon

Just being a Dallas Cowboys fan makes you aware of some things.


Dak Prescott employs this cadence before initiating offensive play for the Cowboys, thanks to accurate sideline microphones and his high-pitched delivery. No additional volume must be turned up on your television to hear his announcement.

Jason Sanders made four field goals. Jason Sanders completed four consecutive field goals after making a 35-yard shot towards the middle of the third quarter to become perfect four for four in making field goals for Dolphins 19 and Cowboys 10.

Tua Tagovailoa started the kick, followed by Tyreek Hill and Durham Smythe for 18-yard touchdown catches before another passing attempt was intercepted at the line of scrimmage by Cedrick Wilson Jr., who did not contribute to Miami’s offence. — Victoria Hernandez

Dolphins 16-10 Cowboys (10). The dolphins were penalized due to an illegal shift, leading them to a penalty during an essential point in the matchup with Miami. Brandon Aubrey reduced Miami’s advantage. The Cowboys received another sentence due to an unexpected illegal shift.

Dak Prescott managed to break free of the Dolphin’s defence and streak into the red zone, but the play never materialized.

Dallas needed to accept Brandon Aubrey’s field goal at 5:28 into the third quarter to reduce their deficit from 18-10 down to 16-10 and start winning back a percentage point.

Dolphins 16, Cowboys 7 (Wyandotte County Coliseum). Jason Sanders scores three 50+ yard field goals as the Dolphins extend their advantage during the third quarter.

The Dolphins needed just five plays to reach the field goal zone. Tua Tagovailoa completed two passes for Tyreek Hill to put Miami within scoring range. After Dallas held off on third down, Jason Sanders took over and scored a 54-yard field goal from Miami that extended their advantage 16-7.

According to the FOX broadcast, Sanders made three field goals that travelled beyond 50 yards during this game and is the only Miami player ever to do it in one match. Tyler Dragon made all three. —

Halftime: Dolphins lead Cowboys 13-7

There was some debate at halftime as the Dolphins scored late to move ahead against their Cowboy opponents despite scoring with less than 30 seconds remaining in regulation play.

Micah Parsons was flagged for roughing the quarterback, helping the Dolphins’ drive continue and ultimately leading to Raheem Mostert scoring an easy touchdown. Parsons was understandably upset about this flag; Fox rules specialist Dean Blandino also challenged it by noting he did not violate any rule by flagging Parsons as breaking it.

Overall, it was an eventful first period with questionable decisions, significant plays, and solid football all coming into play, eventually giving way to an eventual 13-7 Dolphins lead at halftime – Joe Rivera.

Raheem Mostert extends the Dolphins lead just before halftime by scoring a touchdown for them.

Raheem Mostert scored 21 touchdowns this year to give the Dolphins their initial advantage of the matchup. Mostert’s touchdown came off an accurate four-yard throw by Tua Tagovailoa, who then cut left at snap time before reaching back for it for a one-handed catch at the corner of the ending zone.

Mostert and Christian McCaffrey tied for most touchdowns scored this NFL season after Dallas linebacker Micah Parsons was called for hitting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa during their previous matchup; Tagovailoa needed extra timeout due to confusion among wide receivers during that game.

Jaylen Waddle could miss Sunday’s match due to an eye injury he reportedly suffers from.

Miami player Jaylen Waddle sustained an eye injury during the second period of Sunday’s Week 16 game and has been listed by his club as doubtful to play going forward.

Waddle appeared to have been hit in the eye during a Dolphins red zone play – Joe Rivera.

Tyreek Hill led the Dolphins to reach a second-highest score when Jason Sanders kicked a 52-yard field goal nearing the close of the second half.

Tua Tagovailoa’s 20-yard throw to Tyreek Hill marked his first touchdown as top receiver during this game without Jaylen Waddle (eye injury) contributing. Miami’s offensive line had difficulty moving the ball throughout their drive to score points against the Minnesota Vikings on Friday Night Football in Miami Gardens, GA.

Dallas leads 7-6 after winning their eighth meeting of the series.

CeeDee Lamb has become an icon, connecting several legendary Cowboys players with iconic Dolphins players in seven consecutive first-quarter touchdowns, making her the longest current streak currently active within the NFL, according to Dallas Cowboys.

Pro Bowl receiver Larry Fitzgerald joins Dez Bryant and Hall-of-Famer Terrell Owens as Cowboys players with seven straight scoring performances in consecutive games.

Lamb became only the sixth wide receiver in NFL history – and one of a few from Dallas history – to achieve 5,000 yards off of scrimmage within four years, joining Rams legend Torry Holt, Hall-of-Famer Jerry Rice, Randy Moss as well as current players Michael Thomas and Justin Jefferson who had all achieved it before him. Victoria Hernandez contributed to this report.

Dolphins Make Error in Red Zone

Raheem Mostert was injured. Jaylen Waddle had a website. Additionally, Mike McDaniel decided to go for four-and-five on the left side.

Tua Tagovailoa and Cedric Wilson joined in an unsuccessful experiment. Wilson could not stay within boundaries in any play he participated in, and consequently, the play failed.

Safid Deed notes, “Dolphins made an error on downs which would have given them three points”.

Stars Are Out Of Miami; Dallas Lead 7-0

Players were equally present for Dallas and Miami during the opening quarter; CeeDee Lamb caught a TD pass while Jaylen Waddle grabbed the 50-yard ball from Tua Tagovailoa for Jaylen Waddle, who set up a Miami Field Goal attempt.

Dallas currently leads 7-0 after an entertaining first quarter, as Joe Rivera keeps Dallas under his care as Head Coach.

CeeDee Lamb’s touchdown catch and run gave the Cowboys an early edge against Tennessee, as their offence overcame an initial play-by-play turnover.

Dallas quickly reached their finish zone within three minutes. Dak Prescott made an opportune throw across the middle to CeeDee Lamb, who ran 49 yards to score an unconverted touchdown.

Lamb’s touchdown put the Cowboys ahead 7-3 with just over one-and-a-half minutes remaining in the quarter’s first.

Lamb currently boasts four receptions totalling 93 yards for touchdown-scoring purposes – Tyler Dragon.

Dolphins strike first to take an early 3-0 advantage in Miami Gardens, FLA.

Miami was able to send Jason Sanders out for a 55-yard attempt. However, no player in his position had returned, thus necessitating a timeout.

However, Sanders was able to execute one of his signature long kicks early in the first quarter to give Miami an immediate 3-0 edge and score Mike McDaniel the winning point – Safid Deen.

The Cowboys lost the ball at the 1-yard line.

At first glance, it seemed likely that the Cowboys could score from the 1-yard line, but somehow, football gods had other ideas, and this touchdown never materialised.

Only Tony Pollard was stopped from reaching the 1-yard line as an alternative play before it was lost because of a poor exchange between quarterback Dak Prescott and fullback Hunter Luepke of Dallas Cowboys – Joe Rivera.

Tyreek Hill will officially play in Sunday’s Dolphins-Cowboys clash after suffering an ankle injury against the Jets last week and missing week 15 against them.

Hill will need to work hard to break Calvin Johnson’s single-season receiving yardage record of 1,964. As of Sunday’s matchup against Joe Rivera’s Chargers, Hill currently boasts 1,542 yards on regular season receiving yards compared to Johnson’s 1,964. – Joe Rivera

The Dolphins and Cowboys will kick off on Christmas Eve at 4:15 p.m.

Dolphins against Cowboys on TV chain Fox Fox will broadcast “America’s Game of the Week”, featuring Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olson playing along with Tom Rinaldi and Erin Andrews covering sideline duties.

Here are USA TODAY Sports staff predictions and selections for this matchup between the Dolphins and Cowboys:

Lorenzo Reyes of the Dolphins, Tyler Dragon from the Vikings, and Safid Deen from the Dolphins are forecasting below for USA TODAY’s NFL professional forecasts. As shown below, Jordan Mendoza from Miami also predicted their success this season.

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Spread Dolphins (-1) Winning Team Selection by the USA TODAY Sports staff for this game.

Lorenzo Reyes led his Dolphins team in scoring against the Cowboys by 30 to 26 on September 29, while Tyler Dragon scored 27 against them and Safid Deen 23 (Dolphins 27-21 Cowboys). Victoria Hernandez finished 17 on September 24, whereas Jordan Mendoza finished 26 against them on September 29 (Live stream here). The Miami Dolphins take on the Cowboys live-streaming now!

Fubo offers live stream for the Miami Dolphins’ Week 16 match against the Cowboys via Fubo; Fox as well as CBS, NBC, ESPN, ABC & NFL Network are covered through Fubo, making Fubo an invaluable streaming option for watching most NFL matches until 2023’s season concludes.

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