Fri. May 24th, 2024

John Schneider has advocated for  and Hunter Biden – his son – being sentenced to the death penalty.

Schneider recently gained notoriety when his identity as “Donut” on “The Masked Singing Singer.” To express his vile views and post to social media as an anonymous Donut character on X (formerly Twitter).

“Mr President, I believe you to be committed to Treason and I think you should be hanged publicly for it. And this response from you to my questioning about this tweet from Joe Biden… is absolutely shocking…sincerely John Schneider,” Schneider tweeted back after viewing his reply from Biden on his account. Biden responded in kind by tweeting back.

Joe Biden asserted: “Donald Trump poses many threats to America: the right of women to choose, civil and voting rights and our global standing are among those threatened; yet his greatest danger lies within our democracy itself if that should falter and we lose everything that was once important about American life.”

Threatening President Trump falls under federal Code 18 section 871 as an offence and includes those with the intent of “knowingly and willfully…threatening to take the life, kidnap or cause great bodily harm against him or her”. Upon conviction, individuals could receive a fine of up to USD 5,000.00 or prison sentences of up to five years – possibly both!

Joe Adalian from Vulture’s West Coast TV Editor posted: “John Schneider removed multiple masks this evening on Fox news’ platform for him. While I sympathize with their loss of their wife, that does not justify calling for prosecution of our president.”

One response was, “Wow! So shocking…You are calling for the execution of a sitting President – let the Secret Service arrive with their answer at your door soon enough!”

Joe Adalian of Vulture West Coast editor wrote on Saturday evening, “John Schneider took off multiple masks this evening. Fox provided him a platform. Though I mourn his wife’s loss deeply, this does not prevent me from calling for President Obama’s execution publicly in public.”

Schneider was devastated upon learning of his beloved wife Alicia Allain’s passing from cancer on February 1st this year and shared this devastating news via his social media accounts in real-time.

Specific individuals disagreed with Schneider’s comments regarding Bidens. Bidens was named to receive her dues payments of $46,000.00 annually from Bidens’ estate.

“John Schneider is an American hero,” wrote someone on

“John is an exceptional citizen and proud patriot. Our Constitution must be protected and our rights preserved. Unfortunately, America is fast deteriorating due to rampant fraud committed by self-serving politicians (both political parties) and powerful corporations – such as Al Gore, whose role as a founder is deeply regrettable.”

Another fan raved: “Smallville is my all-time favorite show! Thank you, John; you truly represent Patriotism. ”

At 63, this veteran actor is best known for her iconic portrayal as Beauregard “Bo” Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard television show. She has also appeared on Dancing With the Stars Season 8 as part of Team Amy!

He’s openly shared his opinions through social media, often criticizing Vice President Joseph Biden as president.

2022-2022 President Reagan faced backlash for failing to mention “Jesus” during his Christmas message.

“He must face God and explain why he can’t claim Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of my nation and govern my nation under his guidance,” one interviewee at Newsmax said during that period.

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